Why Fiercely Known?

We are to Fiercely Know God

We are to follow Jesus with passion and fervor, doing all we can to know His voice and obey His commands.

We are Fiercely Known & Loved by God

We are known and chosen by a God who went to the most vulnerable and intense lengths to bring us back to Himself.

We are to Fiercely Know & Be Known by Others

We are to courageously let others in and boldly pursue others, spurring each other on and making disciples.

We are a community of Christians using our gifts to create tools and content that encourage people to fiercely know and be known by God and others.

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Fiercely Known was created for:
The lost, and the found who sometimes doubt.
The struggling, the burnt out, and those who aren’t sure.
The lonely, the untethered, and the ones who want more.